Organic extra virgin olive oil
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An unfiltered, organic olive oil

“Olivolo” is a dialect name for olive tree variety Moraiolo and the name of our organically farmed extra virgin olive oil (Certified by BioAgriCert). Our extra virgin oil is pressed directly from the fruit and extracted mechanically. Olives are crushed daily to ensure top quality.

Used daily, olive oil protects your body from free radicals and reduces the risk of severe disease. Due to its high digestibility, olive oil is ideal for the diet of children and adolescents, it aids in the absorption of calcium. It also helps eliminate the damage caused in the developmental stage and in the prevention of osteoporosis.

Olivolo has a fruity and earthy taste with a hint of artichoke; Olivolo has a low-acidity and is unfiltered to preserve its nutritional benefits and its sensory properties.

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Scheda Tecnica

  • Area of origin

    Italy, Tuscany, Castiglion Fiorentino

  • Altitude

    450 meters above sea level

  • Soil


  • Hectares


  • Olive varieties

    Moraiolo (80%), Frantoio (10%), Leccino (10%)

  • Collection system

    Manual between October and December, milling within 8 hours of harvest

  • Extraction method

    Cold processing of olives with a continuous mechanical cycle

  • Color

    Intense green immediately with a tendency to light green with conservation

  • Bouquet

    Aroma of artichoke and green leaf

  • Taste

    Fruity, with a characteristic artichoke taste

  • Ideal use

    For all raw and cooked dishes

  • Store

    In a cool, dry place, away from heat sources

  • Packaging

    Bottle of 0.75 liters or can of 0.25 liters