Extra virgin olive oil
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Delicate Tuscan olive oil

Magrille is an extra virgin olive oil from innovative high-density cultivation that comes from an ambitious project of the householder Bartolomeo Buccelletti. He had a goal to increase the company’s production of extra virgin olive oil, while ensuring a standardization of both quality and quantity.

After years of study with various universities, Bartolomeo was able to select a variety of olive tree that is well suited for intensive cultivation with harvesting systems. The striking feature of this new olive cultivar is its ability to adapt to the terrain and climate of the area and to give a product with characteristics similar to extra virgin oil from traditional cultivation.

Its name comes from the location where the first grove of intensive olive cultivation was installed by the Buccelletti. This extra virgin olive oil is obtained directly from the fruit and extracted by mechanical means only. The olives are pressed on a daily basis to ensure excellent quality oil.

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Scheda Tecnica

  • Area of origin

    Italy, Tuscany, Castiglion Fiorentino

  • Altitude

    350 meters above sea level

  • Soil

    Sandy and clay

  • Hectares


  • Olive varieties


  • Collection system

    Mechanically in November, milling within 8 hours of collection

  • Extraction method

    Cold processing of olives with a continuous mechanical cycle

  • Color

    Golden with a reflective green color

  • Bouquet


  • Taste

    Sweet, slightly fruity with a pleasant aftertaste of almond

  • Ideal use

    For every preparation in the kitchen

  • Store

    In a cool, dry place away from heat sources

  • Packaging

    Bottle of 0.50 liters or can of 0.25 liters