Olive Oil

Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil
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A unique high quality olive oil

In the heart of Tuscany, within the hills of the Valle di Chio, the Buccelletti Cantina has been producing extra virgin olive oil for over 400 years. With the same love and dedication of the past, our oils are produced and bottled in Tuscany using only olives that have been organically farmed on our estate.

Our olive-groves spread over 15 hectares, with over 5000 olive-trees beautifully arranged on the terraces where they were planted centuries ago. Varieties include Moraiolo (80%), Frantoio and Leccino (20%). The average height is 450 meters above sea level. The soil is loamy and the trees are maintained by a very specific pruning style. Our olives are hand-picked between October and December and processed in a continuous cycle.

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How to order our oil

To order our olive oil and directly receive at your home you can send an email to info@famigliabuccelletti.it or contact the company by phone at +39 0575 650179. We will gladly send you a detailed quote with delivery and payment methods.