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Gisso is a sparkling wine with a pink color and fine and persistent perlage

Gisso, in our dialect, means a person who is balanced and wise. On the contrary, Albestre, our rosè wine, means crazy women. We chose this contrast of a name because the base of Gisso is the same as the Albestre rosè.

On the nose it is pleasantly fruity, with a gentle aroma of fresh cherries.

Gisso is perfect as an aperitif but can also be paired with apetizers such as cold cuts and cheese or other delicate plates.

The vinification takes place through the bloodletting process followed by a light pressing of the Sangiovese and Syrah grapes. As soon as the fermentation is over, the rosé is processed with the Charmat method and after 40 days it is bottled. The sparkling wine is immediately ready for consumption after being bottled. This is the first year of the production of Gisso and it represents an innovation in comparison to traditional wines.

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Scheda Tecnica

  • Aging

    in stainless stee

  • Grapes

    Sangiovese, Syrah

  • Color

    pink with amber reflections

  • Aroma


  • Taste

    fresh andslightly sweet

  • Pairing suggestion

    apetizers, fresh cheese, fish

  • To be served at


Gisso, sparkling wine with a pink color