DOC Vinsanto Valdichiana
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A precious and velvety vinsanto

In our dialect “Armanse” means “what is left”, a perfect name for our Vinsanto. After drawing out the sediment all that is left in the “caratello” (a small wooden barrel) is less than half of the product that was poured in. Tuscan Vinsanto is a traditional dessert wine produced from a blend of Trebbiano, white Malvasia and Grechetto grapes.

The grapes are carefully selected and placed to rest on straw mats for at least three months. Following this, the grapes are selected by hand and pressed. The obtained skins is then collected in 50 to 100 liter “caratelli”.

Fermentation and aging takes more than 5 years and is done in a location where frequent changes in temperature cause fermentation to stop regularly and allow yeast to be selected as early as the second year. The result, our Vinsanto – about 30% of the filled product is bottled.

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Scheda Tecnica

  • Aging:

    5 years in small barrels

  • Grapes:

    Trebbiano, Grechetto and Malvasia Bianca

  • Color:


  • Aroma:

    Evolved and warm

  • Taste:

    Velvet and dry

  • Pairings:

    Pastries and blue cheese

  • To be served at:

    10°C with entrée or 16°C with dessert

Armanse Vin Santo Valdichiana DOC